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Stamping Ground

The town of Stamping Ground in Scott County was settled near the Buffalo Spring in a rich farming area, which then produced thick stands of wild cane. In pioneer times, great herds of buffalo came to drink at the spring and stamped around it.


The Buffalo Springs was discovered in 1775 by Will McConnell and Charles LeCompte. They called the area around it the "Buffalo Stamping Ground." Stamping Ground is located on the Alanant-o-wamiowee Trail or "Buffalo Path." This trail was established ages ago and has been an ancient migratory route since prehistoric times. The buffalo stopped to get a long lick of salt at the site of the town of Long Lick and closer to Georgetown they crossed the Eagle Creek at the Great Crossing.


The first settlement at Stamping Ground was Anthony Lindsay's fort in 1790. Anthony Lindsay chose Stamping Ground as the stie for his station. It was located near LeCompte's Run, a branche of the Elkhorn named for Charles LeCompte, who was here with William McConnell and others in 1775. The station was on an Old Buffalo Trace, leading north to the Ohio River and was a regular stop for travelers and traders. 



Buffalo Gals Homemakers Barn Quilt Trail - Colorful quilts are popping up on the sides of barns all over Scott County thanks to the "Buffalo Gals" of Stamping Ground. Each quilt features a unique design. For more information, call 502-863-2547.


Buffalo Springs Park - This bowl-shaped basin is one of the state's three major "stamping grounds." Formed when bison herds trampled the soil by the spring, the area was at the junction of several trails used by migrating herds. After the bison left, the spring served the area's human inhabitants who settled the town of Herndonsville (later Stamping Ground) in the early 1800s.


Future Plans

Stamping Ground plans to become a geocaching destination. What is geocaching? It’s a hi-tech, family friendly scavenger hunt combining GPS technology with outdoor fun. Stay tuned for information about Stamping Ground's summer geocaching event