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Japanese Sister City

With the coming of Toyota to Georgetown in the late 1980's, local leaders thought a sister city partnership might offer a more intimate glimpse of Japanese culture and an opportunity for greater mutual understanding. Since 1990, Georgetown and Tahara have been sister cities and frequent exchanges have created many lasting friendships.


Located on Pacific Ocean in Aichi Prefecture, Tahara City has a rich history of 500 years as a castle town and fame for its connection with the pioneer Kazan Watanabe who lived in the later years of the Tokugawa era. Tahara is favorably situated in beautiful natural surroundings and has flourished as the center of cultural and economic activities of the Atsumi Peninsula. Surrounded with the beautiful Mikawa Bay, the mighty Pacific Ocean, the deep green Mt.Zao and Mt.Oyama, Tahara has one of the largest seaside industrial zones in Japan as well as a thriving agricultural and stockbreeding industry. These strong and diverse industries have contributed greatly to Tahara's development. Its positive challenge to ecological and energy preservation in recent years shows that the people of Tahara City keep their eyes on the future as worthy successors to Kazan Watanabe.


The influence of this partnership has created Georgetown's Yuko-En Japanese Friendship Garden, as well as the city's Annual Kite and Culture Festival.


Interested in building your own Tahara Battle Kite?  The Tahara Blue Team #6 is Mr. Mitsunobu Fujishiro, he is in the kite building pictures.