Birdsong Quilting & Crafts: A Family Heritage Lives On

Nestled next to the movie theater on Outlet Center Drive, a bustling community of quilters picks out fabrics, shares ideas and works on their craft.


Birdsong Quilting and Crafts moved into the larger location after two years on Canewood Center Drive doubling their size and securing a location near the interstate for traveling quilters.


The quilt shop is a family affair owned and operated by Jim and Stella Crutcher with daughter Crissi Cheser working full-time in the shop as well. The shop serves all of a quilter’s needs selling fabric, rulers, all of the tools for quilting along with offering classes and doing quilting for people. Popular items include jelly rolls, pre-cuts, t-shirt quilts and traditional patterns.


“I love creating – taking scraps of nothing and making into something beautiful. Quilts have always been a great comfort to me with childhood memories of sleeping under a quilt made by someone you love,” said Crutcher.


Crutcher was a teacher and principal and upon retiring decided to take on the quilt shop. When she was thinking about what she really wanted to do, it came to her.


“I’m a devout Christian. I prayed about it and made peace with the idea in my heart as I sat on my deck. At that moment, a bird landed on my deck and started singing. So, I called the shop, Birdsong,” said Crutcher.


Business has been steady especially in the fall and winter months. People are now starting their Christmas projects.

“Quilters garden in the summer,” said Crutcher. Quilters have been participating in the Row by Row Experience this summer though. Quilters travel to quilt shops listed on and gather pieces to make a quilt. “There’s really a culture of quilters. They’re a really active group of women,” said Crutcher.


“If you build it, they will come. We have an active quilt guild in our community. Customers are looking for relaxation, inspiration, a way to be creative and clear their minds – a sense of fulfillment,” said Crutcher.


Birdsong Quilting is located at 401 Outlet Center Drive and open Tuesday – Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-4. Learn more at



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