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Love Your Downtown Georgetown – Part 2: Chicks With Chai Takeover

2/27/17  Written by Chicks With Chai

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Not sure whose idea it was to do the Love Your Downtown — Passport 2017 event in downtown Georgetown, but whomever it was is a genius!!! We had so much fun over the course of the month visiting places in downtown Georgetown, KY. I drive past often, but I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t go downtown as much as I should. Usually I might go for a specific item or to meet someone, but it was wonderful going in all the stores on a Saturday afternoon without being in a rush, meeting some of the store owners and forging new friendships which you know we’re all about!

There are several things I liked about this concept. I thought the motivation of being entered to win a gift basket full of donated items from the downtown stores was such a good idea. I think looking back now we would have gone without the idea of a possible prize at the end! Participating merchants would initial your passport by their store name and when you collected eight or more signatures, you turned your passport in to be entered for the chance to win the gift basket.


Miss Behaven
One of the first stores we went into was Miss Behaven (which we liked so much we had to go back to make additional purchases!) Every store we visited had such a variety of items: clothes, jewelry, handbags, and such cute home decor. It was refreshing getting to stroll and shop without having to be somewhere else. We realized very quickly that this could be a very expensive day for us — every store we visited we bought things!!!


Downtown Georgetown, KY

Next on our list was Em+Me, which not only had such amazing clothing and accessories, but was decorated SO CUTE!!!! We stayed and chatted in there for awhile. We’re chatty people. A few of the other stores we visited were Unique Gifts & More, where we had been before and loved (check out our Lovely Locals post on Unique Gifts & More) and Adorabelles, which was new for us but such a pleasure to visit!!!!

What was nice about being in downtown Georgetown was that we parked once and could walk to so many places. The weather was prefect on the days we were out and about and we even stopped by to eat with friends who were at the new Galvin’s on Main (we recommend the fried pickles!). I liked that we didn’t have to pack in a ton of places in one day, that we could do a few each time and really browse and visit without being in a hurry. I liked visiting stores I had either never been in before or wondered what they were and just had never ventured in prior to Love Your Downtown Georgetown — Passport to Love. And I have to admit — I did love it!!! Getting to spend time with Tricia where we weren’t pressed for time was great. It’s hard for us to be leisurely, but when you’re in downtown Georgetown, KY, it brings out the leisure in everyone!

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