One For The Boys

Country Boy With The BoysBooze, BBQ and Barstools In Georgetown, KY

Written by Dylan Marson

As many may know, hanging with “The Boys'' is a sacred ritual for men. It’s a time to sit back, crack open some brews and banter. But over the years, it might start feeling like Groundhog Day when you take a sip from the same beer, at the same bar and listen to the same story you’ve heard a hundred times before. No you aren't getting too old, and no its not time to give up on having a good time. It might just be time to start making some new stories. 

After meeting my buddies at the same old bar for the umpteenth time this year, it’s safe to say we’ve fallen into a bit of a groove ourselves. I don't like the thought of becoming a boring group of friends, so it got me thinking about ways to put a spin on our usual weekend shenanigans. Georgetown might be known for its Girlfriend Getaways, but it’s also home to plenty of bourbon, beer and barbeque; All things that anyone can appreciate. So strap in, and check out all the ways you can make your next weekend with The Boys one to remember.

 Cheers In Country Boy Brewing

Country Boy Brewing: Georgetown Taproom

For those who like their brews, Country Boy Brewing’s Georgetown Taproom is the place to expand your beer-loving horizons. As the largest production brewery in Kentucky, it is one of my favorite places to kick off a Weekend. Producing a variety of seasonal favorites alongside specialty limited-run beers & ciders, there’s always new flavors to try out with every visit. And don’t forget the food! If you think Country Boy knows how to make a great beer, wait until you sit down to try their kitchen’s menu. Switch things up even more and find out how the magic happens with a tour through their facility (by appointment only - Contact Here) or put together a beer flight to experience the full range of their amazing brews. Let’s be honest, why not do it all?

They've got awesome pet-friendly outdoor seating as well, so you can feel free to bring Fido too!

 Bourbon 30 Display 2

Bourbon 30

The “B” in Bluegrass stands for Bourbon. At least that’s what Master Distiller Jeff Mattingly might tell you. Bourbon has exploded in popularity over the last few years and so have the many different ways you can experience Kentucky’s iconic spirit. A visit to Bourbon 30 takes you as close to the booming industry as you can get, giving guests the chance to blend their own bourbon from a well curated selection of spirits (Even selecting your own bottle & wax seal!). There aren’t many places where you can taste Bourbon straight from the barrel as well, which is why this little blending house in downtown Georgetown ranks as a must-visit attraction for bourbon/whiskey enthusiasts. 

Talk about an easy box to check off too! Bourbon 30 is open to walk-ins anytime during their operational hours (11am-6pm Mon-Sat). The moment you step into their workspace, you know you’re gonna walk away with some new friends and a bottle of good times.  


Babe's BBQ

There’s no better representation of small-town living than the “country store” and Babe’s BBQ captures that classic look to a tee. When you’re trying to escape the 9-5 and chow down on some great grub, this rustic restaurant is just the ticket. And if you’re looking to get your fill of southern comfort, Babe’s has got you covered with mouth-watering BBQ options! Whether you dine in or walk out with your order, your taste buds will be thanking you. 

 Screen Shot 2021 12 17 at 11.01.06 AM

Slainte Public House

Slainte is a cheer to good health, and it's also a good sign you’re at the right bar! I’ve been to several “Irish pubs” in Kentucky, but very few hit the nail on the head like Slainte Public House. To keep things simple, it's the real deal. Everything from the look & feel to the spirit of its patrons, you might think you’ve been transported straight to Dublin….until you realize the bartender doesn’t have an Irish accent. Jokes aside, this place boasts authenticity and delivers 100 percent by recreating the classic pub culture you thought only existed in movies. Be careful though, in search of new bar experiences, you might just become a regular!

Don’t forget to check out their new Irish-Inspired kitchen as well!

Author: Dylan Marson

Public Relations Assistant for Georgetown/Scott County Tourism





Georgetown / Scott County Tourism Bureau