What are flowers really saying to (or about) you?

GrayArbor SnapdragonsDid you know flowers have a secret language all their own? They do and they have lots to say – and not all of it is, well, nice, or even logical.

Scott County farms grow an enormous variety of flowers that are available for purchase for adding splashes of color to your home and garden. Here are some you can find this season, and what they are really saying.

Tulips, pansies and larkspur are all about love. You might think of these as the flower child of the garden, free spirits that radiate positivity. Along the same vein, daffodils symbolize faithfulness and friendship.

Foxglove is a double agent, said to both heal and hurt, and is associated with insincerity. But it’s got nothing on the snapdragon, a trickster said to represent deception. (In fact, concealing a snapdragon can make someone “appear” fascinating.) But, dahlias may be able to counteract the effect; they are often associated with warnings. Or asters, which are considered enchanted.

BiWaterFarm 2Has someone presented you with petunias? Beware! These popular perennials symbolize anger and resentment. However, in the spirit of complete contrariness, petunias can also mean a desire to spend time with someone because you find their company soothing and peaceful.

On a more straightforward note, mums exude optimism and joy. But the flower with the sunniest disposition is, not surprisingly, the sunflower. Known as the happy flower of the garden, it lives to make people smile.

Find these flowers at Scott County farms, including Gray Arbor Farm, Bi-Water Farm and Greenhouse and Evans Orchard and Cider Mill.







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