Press Release - Georgetown and Scott County Celebrates Unprecedented Economic Growth in 2023

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Georgetown and Scott County Celebrates UNprecedented Economic Growth In 2023

Georgetown/Scott County Tourism Ranked Among Top 10% For Economic Impact

GEORGETOWN, KY – June 3, 2024 – Reports are out, and the research conducted by Tourism Economics and commissioned by the Kentucky Department of Tourism reveals a year of remarkable economic development in 2023.
Georgetown and Scott County are experiencing an economic boom! Jobs have been created, income has increased, and local spending has gone through the roof. Making Georgetown, Scott County, a go-to destination is the gift that keeps giving.
Georgetown had 1,241 tourism industry jobs, $36.6 million in labor income, $13.8 million in state and local taxes, and $179 million in visitor spending. Conversely, Kentucky boasted 95,235 tourism industry jobs, $3.47 billion in labor income, $996 million in local and state taxes, and $13.8 billion in visitor spending.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Senator Thayer for his pivotal role in securing $75 million in ARPA funds for the Tourism Industry Sector. This funding has been instrumental in driving our success and solidifying Georgetown's position in the state’s top 10% of economic impact counties and among the top 12 of 120 counties. We also appreciate the support from Representatives Philip Pratt and Cherlynn Stevenson for championing Senator Thayer’s initiative.
"We are thrilled to see such significant growth and success in our community," said Lori Saunders, Tourism Director. "The investment in our tourism sector has enhanced our local economy and enriched the lives of our residents and visitors. We are excited to continue this momentum into the future."
"The economic growth we've experienced clearly indicates the strong partnerships and collaborative efforts within our county," said Judge-Executive Joe Pat Covington. "We are committed to sustaining this progress and providing a high quality of life for our residents."
As we celebrate these milestones, Georgetown and Scott County remain committed to fostering economic growth and enhancing the quality of life for our community. We look forward to sustaining and expanding our financial success with continued support and strategic initiatives.
"Georgetown's economic achievements in 2023 are a testament to our community's hard work and dedication," said Mayor Burney Jenkins. "We are proud to be recognized for our growth and look forward to building on this success to ensure a thriving future for all our citizens."
With the groundwork laid, Georgetown and Scott County are on track for 2024 to be another high-achieving year. The ongoing efforts to promote tourism, support local businesses, and invest in community initiatives are poised to drive further economic success. We are confident that the coming year will bring even more growth and prosperity to Georgetown and Scott County.